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The Reflections Naturopathic Clinic is run by Gillian Lewis, a qualified Naturopath.

If you are a guest at the retreat a Naturopathic consultation can be included in your schedule by advising Gillian on arrival of your requirements.

Naturopathic consultations are also available for the general public by appointment. Please telephone or email to confirm an appointment. Availability of appointments is limited so please be sure to book ahead.


What can I expect in a consultation?

Every consultation is different because each client is unique. However an initial consultation will involve collecting a range of background information as well as specific information about the issue(s) that have precipitated the visit. There may also be some measurements taken or other basic tests conducted e.g. blood pressure, temperature or urine analysis.

Once the information collection stage is complete; Gillian will work with you to create a preliminary treatment plan that addresses your immediate issue(s) as well as addressing any underlying issues that may be present.

The length of the treatment plan will be determined by the health issues present and your response to the treatment program.  An initial consultation and one follow up appointment may be sufficient to resolve the issue(s); particularly if the issue is new and the treatment program is well adhered to. Most health issues will take more than one consultation to resolve; however good adherence to the treatment plan can speed up the process and minimise the need for additional consultations.


What do I need to do?

Gillian uses and prescribes a range of herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, flower essences and homeopathy products for clients to take home. You may be prescribed one or more of these products as part of your treatment plan and you will be advised how and when to take these. The treatment program may also include lifestyle and/or diet modifications/recommendations to support improved health.

The ideal outcome of each treatment plan is to reach a point where no additional consultations are necessary and the body is maintaining good health.  However for some people, particularly those with chronic health conditions, the best outcome is a maintenance phase. The maintenance phase is where minimal herbal or nutritional assistance is required on an ongoing basis to maintain optimal well being.


What doesn't a Naturopath do?

The range of Naturopathic services available is diverse, however, a Naturopath is not a doctor. Doctors and other primary health care professionals have a very important role and function that they are uniquely qualified to perform.

Here are a few things that a primary health care professional does that a naturopath does not do –

Prescribe and dispense antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs

Treat emergency injuries, set bones, perform surgery etc.


Health emergencies, bacterial infections and life threatening illnesses should always be seen and treated by a doctor or other primary health care professional.


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